First time I tried weed.

It was getting dark and we were returning to our hotel after visiting waterfall.

At the river side we assembled the table and chairs. We were six people and two of them were non drinkers. It all started with setting up the hookah.

Rum, plastic glasses, soya katori(best chakna), Raw weed in plastic packet and clear moon night. I started with crushing the weed and separating the seeds.

One said he won’t be trying weed so while he was looking away we added some of the crushed weed into the hookah flavour. Going fast forward…. everything was prepared.

Oh! And I don’t smoke(cigarette) so,we made a blunt joint(tobacco free).

Plastic glasses were filled with equal ratios of rum, coke and water. It was freezing out there but gradually rum started working. In the meantime we convinced a non drinker for a drink and the way he got high was very new to me. He picked up a badminton and starting running after one of us to beat him with the badminton (and everyone started shouting bancho isko ni pilaenge ab kabhi).

So,I took the first kash of the weed but I was not able to take the smoke inside(aprentice me!) and my throat burnt so bad. Then everyone started with their expert advice on how to smoke and were guiding me how to do it. After few more tries I was able to take the smoke properly. To soothe the throat I was having drink alongside.

Oh! The guy who was having hookah without the knowledge of weed in hookah flavour starting having a trip. His eyes got moist and light red.

With music on we started grooving with peg in one hand and joint with lighter in one(blunt joint Baar Baar bhujta rehta hai yaar). We did not even realise when everything got in slow-motion and our hunger was on all time high.

We headed towards our room in search of more food and while we were about to open the door, we heard the some punjabi song and started dancing at the gate(it was super slow motion dance,like Punjabi steps in slow-motion).

In the mean time dinner was served. The food was very delicious or we were we in extreme hunger. The chicken was cooked very nicely.

Now, a friend who never talk to girls says ‘bhaiyon saath wale hotel mein chalte hai wahan I ll talk to a girl'(in a hotel across the river there was a group of girls from girl’s college). He was so high that instead of taking the road, he started walking towards the river with hookah in his hand. Instead of stopping him we started dancing and called to the only sober friend to save him and continued to dance.

He got convince not to cross the river and then it was decided that we ll go by the road. It is generally advised their not to go on the roads after the dark as wild animals are generally spotted on the roads. Weed peene ke Baad aapko pata hota hai what to do and what not to do but still you do it anyway.

Being a little aware I picked up a stone of the wrist size and carried it all the way for the self defence. We reached at the small canteen type near the hotel and it was all occupied by the college students. Generally I feel confident at such place but that day after joint I felt very low on confidence and couldn’t interact with anyone. We ordered a Maggi and some drinks after they left.

Instead of going back to our hotel we left to enjoy the beauty of the mountains at night under the moon. We kept on walking for around half an hour on the empty and dark road, filled with fear but still that high not to feel it . We stopped in front of house whose lights were on and sat on the stairs.

After a while a car came there and stopped. Two drunk people came out of the car and started talking very weirdly among themselves. We got so scared that we decided to walk back to our hotel.

While crossing the canteen two girls were walking by, one of them being drunk and handled by her friend crossed by(we had a nasheela eye contact) and me being low on confidence couldn’t say anything(not even a hi) and stoodstill. Her friend took her to the stairs very slowly and carefully.

Weed with rum surely gives thrill but it fucked my confidence like hell for that night.


Mac leodganj and Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh (day 1)

The dates were decided and the location was to be decided for my first independent (with friends) trip. While searching for the location we got to know that Dalai Lama was to be present in Dharamshala co- incidentally on our travel dates.

We took overnight journey to Dharamshala.

I met my friends Jagpravesh at Vidhan sabha metro station. From there we sat in e-rickshaw for Majnu ka Tila and on the way picked a bottle of red wine and a wiskey. The bus left around 8pm. The bus was almost full except the last row. A single person was there on the last seat. He was a south Korean. We had a long conversation with him. He was travelling India second time and his purpose was to get motivation for his life.

As I woke up in the morning, I felt a little cold and searched for the blanket. As I slided the curtains, it was mesmerizing view – bus running between the trees on the road and little fog on the windows. I looked out for my earphones to enjoy this view with some good music.


Early morning we reached Dharamshala. The bus stop was the petrol pump next to a mall. As we got down, we were surrounded by agents asking for our requirements and quoting price for the same. Here we got to know that here we can do Asia’s second highest paragliding as well .

We booked room at Surbhi guest house here. We had to walk for around 25mins for our hotel. Fortunately they allow check-in only after 12noon. So we decided to explore the place instead of waiting at hotel for the check in time.

So we decided to attend the event of Dalai Lama at Dalai Lama main temple which was approximately 45mins of walking. We walked at a good speed for the first 10 mins as we were filled with enthusiasm, after that our speed slowed down as we started to sweat and lose our stamina followed by slow walk to the temple.

We met some school students on the way and interacted with them.

Before entering into the temple everyone is required to submit mobile phone. The temple was full of monks who were sitting everywhere inside the temple listening to Dalai Lama. Somehow we managed to find a place to sit. They were serving tea and kulcha. It was very hard to eat that kulcha(it was cold,thick and tasteless), so we decided to take one and divide it into three parts and still we were not able to complete our part.

Dalai Lama was sitting on a very high pedestal and delivering his teachings in their own language. People were provided with translators to understand it in their own language.

After struggling to find a place to sit, we met a very old lady. She smiled at us as we folded hand in front of and said Ram Ram. She brought us some bread to eat and asked us to wait for the tea.

We had chicken momos just outside this place. Then we continued to walk towards kalachakra temple.
This is a small structure all surrounded with the Tibetan Prayer Wheels. Since the structure is all surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Main Square of McLeod Ganj, It’s never peaceful.
It’s still a nice treat to the senses to go in and have a moment of rejoice in the Temple.

Then we had some desserts from a shop at McLeod Ganj square.

The next stop was St. John in the Wilderness Church. It is a small church situated some 20 minutes walk about the town. Very picturesque inside and there is a large Christian cemetery next door, although too waterlogged to explore. Very peaceful.

There are few stalls outside the church which offers momos, tea, aloo tikki burger, etc. Though the food is good and feels fresh maybe because of mountains and fresh water.

There’s a dal lake around 40mins of walking distance from church. The route to dal Lake is very beautiful and serene. It goes through the woods. This route ends at a tibetian school and then we have to cross playground of the school. If one is lucky, you can see students playing soccer or practising music. The lake have nothing to offer except excellent view and cool breeze.

Here we encountered a group of engineering students, they were exploring the area on bikes. We were lucky to get clicked with their bikes.

It was getting late and it was about to sunset, so we decided to head back to our hotel in Dharamshala. It was a long walk ahead.

On our way back we decided to stop at cafe called illiterati. There we ordered espresso and white sauce pasta for me and my friends. I seriously had no idea what espresso means at that time and when it arrived it was dark coffee in very small cup that to half filled with a cookie and we all bursted into laughter seeing why are they charging this much for this such quantity of coffee.

After enjoying the luxury we walked to our hotel Surbhi. Our legs were shivering due to tiredness of whole day of walking.

In evening we ordered some pizza for our hunger cravings and then left out to have some boiled milk. While returning our hotel manager laughed and said that sir tourist to daaru Peete hai aur aap doodh peene gaye the.

A day in tirthan valley.

Jibhi is a beautiful place where you can spend quality time for a day or two. Jibhi is an unexplored place and one can visit this place to experience the balance between nature and human life.

As we inquired for the hotels, to our surprise all the hotels near the road were all pre booked. So we walked 500m for another hotel. This hotel was on the river side with a perfect view.

There were few place to visit in tirthan valley.

1. Waterfall.

2. Few Temples.

3. Fort.

4. Jalori pass.

Due to the shortage of time we decided to visit the temple and waterfall. Temples are on some heights on the mountains. The temple we visited was 40mins walk on the trail going through the small villages. The village people were there to guide us as when we felt lost.

On the top, following trail we found a temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It was made of wood. The woods were coloured in red,white and yellow colours. A beautiful and serene place. The temple do not have many visitors but it does not disappoint anyone who visits it. It is a belief that people come to this temple when their wish comes true.

There we met an local old man who was sitting there and his sheeps were pasturing. He told us that the trees here are very old and has witnessed all the history of kings.

He visits there very often to pasture his sheeps. He also sell the hairs of the sheep to earn some money.

A temple in the middle of trees for the worship of Lord Shiva. It was a complete tranquil experience. We sat there for around an hour and then started our journey to Jibhi waterfall.

The way to Jibhi waterfall is very beautiful. It has little wooden bridges to cross the small stream of water, by seeing it one can easily predict that it has been made a tourist spot by putting some efforts.

We were lucky to find a group of students travelling from Delhi University and a biker group.

After this we were little tired and decided to rest in our hotel with our stuff.

बस यूंही

रात को सोना और सुभा को जगना। बस इतनी सी तो है ज़िन्दगी, पर ना जाने इतनी सी ज़िन्दगी भी हमें कभी कभी इतनी कठिन क्यों लगती है। कहां से इतने सारे विचार चले आते है हमारे जहन में जो हमें इतना बेचैन कर जाते हैं। कहने को तो सीधी साधी है ज़िंदगी पर हम खुद के ख़यालो में खो कर इसको इतना कठिन बना लेते है और आप ही परेशान होते रहते है।

क्यों हम दूसरों के खयालों के बारे में इतना सोचते हैं?

क्यों हम दूसरों के बारे में इतना सोचते हैं?

क्यों ना हम इतना सब अपने बारे में सोचे और हमारे दिमाग को थोड़ा शांत रखे या फिर क्यों ना सब भूल भाल कर कहीं कुछ दिनों के लिए घूम ही आए।

How to reach Tirthan Valley

There’s no direct bus for tirthan.

How to reach tirthan valley from Delhi.

Take a night bus for Aut. You will reach there in the morning. Then there are two options for travelling to tirthan valley-

1. Local bus to jibhi( I prefer local travelling). Bus will cost you around ₹50/person.

2. Take a direct taxi to jibhi. Taxi will cost around ₹500-₹800(depending on the bargain).

Jibhi is a beautiful and secluded place in tirthan valley where you can stay for a day or two.

The Journey Begins

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